Teachers invited to Qudwa 2019 will engage in inspiring panel discussions, masterclasses, and networking opportunities with experts. The event is invitation-only and will be split into two separate days.

05 October


On World Teachers Day, a selected group of regulators, experts, and teachers are invited to explore the future of teaching for global competence in the UAE.  Guided by expert facilitators, the outcome of the Lab will become a roadmap to help teachers in the UAE grow professionally, work collaboratively, and prepare their students for a dynamic and interconnected future.

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06 October

Qudwa Forum 2019

Qudwa Forum 2019 features sessions that will inspire new conversations on classroom practices and innovative teaching.  The program seeks to provide the resources teachers need to transform their teaching methods, classrooms, schools, and, eventually, their students and society.

Mohamed bin Zayed Award for Best GCC Teacher

Qudwa will conclude with the prestigious Mohamed bin Zayed Award for Best GCC Teacher, which honors exceptional educators from the GCC region whose dedication and results set them apart. mbzaward.ae

Program Schedule

06 October Sunday

06 Sunday


Program Formats


Keynote addresses, presentations and panels on the theme “Teaching for Global Competence"

Qudwa Therapy

Small group sessions focusing on the wellbeing of teachers, facilitated by an expert

Teacher Talks

Moderated panels of teachers discuss challenges facing their profession in the UAE

Poster Exhibitions

Series of quick presentations by teachers about their own learning experiences

Innovator Labs

Presentations from forward-thinking experts explore the latest initiatives in education, followed by Q&A

Al Majlis Networking Sessions

Series of scheduled networking sessions, organized by theme, and managed by teachers


Hands-on learning sessions featuring an organization or expert on a how-to topic linked to “Teaching for Global Competence”

Edge of Ed

Series of rapid-fire presentations on the latest technologies and innovative practices in education

What is global competence?

Global competence is the multifaceted set of skills that students need to thrive in an interconnected, global society. The Global Competence Framework was developed in 2018 by OECD and The Asia Society’s Center for Global Education—learn more.

The four skills that are required for global competence

Globally competent students have developed four key skills that help them understand their connection to their communities and the world at large:

  • To investigate the world
  • To weigh different points of view
  • To communicate with diverse audiences
  • To make a difference in their community

What is Teaching For Global Competence?

The teacher’s role is to illuminate students’ connections to their community and the world at large in the context of broader global issues and technology, and to strengthen the capacity of students to apply knowledge and skills to solve challenges. 

How can teachers impart these skills?

To foster global competence in their students, teachers in the UAE need opportunities to increase their knowledge and inspire their creativity through collaborative learning and expert training. Qudwa 2019 aims to inspire a growth mindset in teachers so that they become lifelong learners themselves—role models who continuously update their skills and knowledge, and who use their unique perspectives to help their students become capable, perceptive and future-ready adults.